Case Studies

Tina’s Home Designs

tina's home designs

Tina’s Home is a premier furniture manufacturer specializing in high-quality, modern, timeless furniture pieces sold through Amazon, Home Depot, Overstock, and other retailers. Their challenge was routing all customer returns to a single warehouse location.

After partnering with Rush Recommerce, Tina’s has averaged 33% recovery to wholesale value and is enjoying 2.9X more profitability than via traditional liquidation.


Higher Recovery


Recovery to Wholesale Value


Savings on Return Freight

“We have benefitted greatly through our strategic partnership with Rush Recommerce. Before Rush, we were handing all of our returns in-house and lost more revenue than we made. Since our partnership in 2021, we’ve sold over 4,500 items through their recommerce software and earned a much higher recovery.”

Marketing Director


One Touch Processing

Our one touch system allows us to quickly process, grade, and price a product making it available for sale right away.

Renewed SKUs

Using your product data, our software creates a renewed SKU that can be sold online as open box across multiple platforms.

Reporting & Analytics

We provide real time data to you on all steps of the recommerce process so can monitor your returns and project your recovery.

Winsome Trading

winsome furniture

Winsome Trading is a premier manufacturer and distributor of solid wood furniture. By partnering with Target, Wayfair, and BestBuy they have become renowned for their premier lifestyle furniture. Their challenge was receiving all customer returns to a single US warehouse location.

Since partnering with Rush Recommerce in 2020 they have experienced 2.98X higher recovery compared to liquidation, and have 85% sell through.


Higher Recovery




Overhead Costs

“We have benefitted from not having to handle the returns, and the reporting provided by Rush Recommerce is detailed. Their solution allows us to focus on our main business, while knowing the returns are being handled”

President Anita Tsoi

Rush ReCommerce is the returns solution for online retailers and furniture manufacturers