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Many of the biggest brands in home use Rush ReCommerce to handle their returns and overstocks.  We take pride in offering an end-to-end solution that maximizes recovery, minimizes cost, and provides a sustainable solution to the industry at large.  We pioneered the home category online more than 20 years ago and continue to help solve the hardest problems when selling online.

The returns process before we moved to Rush was a net loss. It takes space, substantial handling cost and once the boxes are opened it is really challenging to repack and sell as new. We joined Rush hesitantly and now are so happy to pass all our problems to them and in return Rush is saving us all the cost involved, and on top of it sending us a check each fortnight! It can't be better than this $$$!

Nikita Gupta

Account Manager at Benzara, Inc

Rush ReCommerce has been a joy to work with. The process has been smooth and seamless. The results are not having dead inventory taking up space in our warehouse. I would highly recommend Rush ReCommerce to any business that wants to turn dead inventory into cash.

Brian Vander Werf

V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Dalyn Rug Company

Before Rush ReCommerce, we didn’t have a full solution for our returns. They would accumulate in our warehouse and then we’d eventually liquidate for pennies on the dollar. Now we don’t have to deal with them - no processing or handling - and the best part is we are getting paid 3X more than liquidating.

Bill Hall

V.P. of Sales at Martin Svensson

We have benefited from not having to handle the returns and the reporting provided by Rush ReCommerce is detailed. Their solution allows us to focus on our main business, while knowing the returns are being handled.

Anita Tsoi

President at Winsome Trading

We love that we don't handle returns from the retailer and they go directly to Rush ReCommerce. In addition, the monthly reports are helpful for reconciling.

Michelle Aleksiunas

Account Manager at Bolton Furniture

Most of our returns sit taking up space, and we are unable to resell. With Rush Recommerce, we save on manpower, space, and the bonus is our returns work for us, instead of the other way around.


President at Winsome Wood and Metal

Rush Recommerce has helped streamline our reverse logistics process and improve efficiency at our warehouses. The amount of time and effort we spend processing returns has decreased dramatically, enabling our staff to focus on what matters most - our customers.

Kevin Kevonian

President at Armen Living

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Rush has made the hassle of selling extra inventory a breeze, and we now have plenty of free space in our warehouse for new goods. Our team has more time to focus on new products that would have otherwise been spent on chasing low profit closeout sales while getting more in return through Rush. Easy and stress-free to do business with Rush has helped us to manage our closeout inventory and has generated more lucrative end-of-season clearance sales as well as giving us a bigger online presence through their online marketplace


Owner – CEO at The Rug Market

We have been working with Rush Recommerce for a little over a year now and are grateful for our partnership. We manufacture high quality products and have a strong commitment to designing products that are environmentally sustainable. We get a fair number of returns due to buyer's remorse and freight damage. Invariably, the products returned come in damaged or the carton comes in damaged, and as much as we don't want any of our products ending up in a landfill, there is little we can do to repair and repurpose those returns cost-effectively. The team at Rush has been a great partner in helping to ensure that our returns are finding a new home and they are sharing the revenue stream with us. They are efficient, easy to work with and conscientious about keeping those returns in circulation and not adding to the landfill.

Daniel Edelist

President, NOVA of California

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