Maximize Recovery

Our end-to-end solution was purposely built to maximize recovery on ecommerce returns.  Our nationwide recommerce center network reduces shipping costs and allows returns to be routed closer to where the customer is.  Our software was designed to get products back online for resale as open box in less time and with less processing touches.  While most solutions for returns are about reducing costs in order to sell in bulk, Returns by Rush® reduces those costs in conjunction with an online marketplace where items can be resold individually online.  We use sophisticated resale technology to maximize recovery throughout our resale channels.

The result? About 93% of home items received are ABLE TO BE RESOLD. Our solution maximizes your recovery rate up to 3x industry averages.

Reduce Costs

Returns pile up fast.  With the Rush ReCommerce solution, there’s no need for you to focus on the overhead of employees tackling the problem internally by inspecting, processing and trying to re-box items.  In fact, you don’t have to touch a return ever again!  Using our network of recommerce centers and a staff of highly trained recommerce experts, we are able to process returns with “one touch” and get them available for resale quickly.

No overhead.  No warehouse space.  No more worries.

We focus on processing and selling your returns so that you can focus on the rest of your business!  We can even help sell limited quantity overstocks through The Rush Market.

pounds of products kept from landfills


Did you know 9 million tons of furniture, including glass, wood, foam, leather, fabric, and metal, end up in landfills each year? Our solution allows manufacturers and retailers to save returns, overstocks, close-outs, and more. Many of these open-box returns are still in good condition or like-new with lots of life left. We also reuse boxes, when possible, to cut down on waste. 

E-commerce returns are a growing problem for the environment as well as retailers. By rescuing returned items and giving them a new life, we’re supporting a sustainable way to shop and keeping thousands of pounds of furniture out of landfills.

As part of the Rush ReCommerce, you can take part in the circular economy and show to your customers that you take sustainability seriously.  By having your own white label site, The renewed products available through our network and processed using our software are available for resale under your own brand.

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