Evolving Brand Partnerships for a Solution-Facing Circular Economy

For us here at Rush Recommerce, our mission is simple and one we stand by every day as we do business and create long-term partnerships – to turn the negative aspects of returns into positives for retailers, suppliers, customers, and the environment.  With that said, we’re evolving and introducing new brand partnerships often as it’s what gives our customers that “rush”  feeling as they shop our ever-changing selection of furniture and home accessories. We don’t just partner with any home-goods brand, we create meaningful relationships with premier industry brands to implement an environmentally conscious approach for managing brand ecommerce returns. 

We are proud of our unique business model that creates a circular economy of recovery for returns that is a win-win for all partners and brands, which is why the expansion of brand partnership introductions is essential for growth.  That said, we want to shout from the roof-top that at Rush ReCommerce, we are proud to recently partner with Winsome Trading, Tina’s Home, Sabai, Burrow and TOV.     

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Winsome, a premier manufacturer and distributor of solid wood furniture, holds a prestigious position in the industry and partnered with Rush ReCommerce has implemented a cost effective return solution to handle everything from the moment an item leaves the Winsome’s customer, until it is sold through Rush. Using Rush ReCommerce’s exclusive technology and extensive recommerce network, it has resulted in a better customer experience for Winsome and is nearly three times more profitable.  Here’s what Sandy Lewis, President of Winsome says about how Rush has made an impact on their business – “With Rush ReCommerce, we save on manpower, space and the bonus is our returns work for us, instead of the other way around.”

Another great partnership we’re excited to announce is with Tina’s Home, a premier furniture manufacturer that specializes in high-quality, modern timeless pieces, who was in need of a solution to reduce high shipping costs, high storage fees and overall limited recovery for returns. Since Tina’s Home and Rush partnered, they have resulted in 33% recovery to wholesale value, 57% sell-through in total inventory every month and nearly three times more profitability compared to traditional liquidations.   

It doesn’t stop there, Rush has also recently implemented partnerships with Sabai, Burrow and TOV to leverage Rush ReCommerce proprietary software and processing systems as a solution to the retailer’s problem of handling returns and overstocks in a quick and cost-effective manner.  We’re excited to continue to build these evolving brand partnerships and keep the “rush” alive with our customers.